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Dear German friends!
You can send your letters on this e-mail project@nvk10.km.ua

Victoria Bogach

   My name is Victoriya. I am 15 years old. I study at school 10, form 10. I am very interesting person. I like reading interesting books, walking with my friends, listening to music. My favorite subjects are Maths and Geography. My mums name is Nina, she is 37 years old and she is a hairdresser, she does beautiful hairstyles, and cooks very tasty dishes , my fathers name is Anatoliy, he is 43 years old and he is a manager. My grandmothers name is Galya, she is 64 years old , my grand fathers name is Vova, he is 75 years old, and they live in the village.

Natasha Mytrus

    Hello! My name is Natalya. Im 15 years old. My mums is Lyudmila and my fathers name is Pavlo. My mum is a mathematician and my father is a programmer .My grandmothers died. Their names were Nina and Lyudmila. Nina was a teacher and Lyudmila was a vet. My grandfathers died too and their names were Eduard and Volodymyr . Eduard was a doctor. I have not got any brothers or sisters. Im interested in swimming. Im risk taker outdoor person and free spirit. I like traveling, reading books, dancing, listening to music and many, many other interesting things. Im good at biology and math. Im an optimistic person and I like my life.

Alina Pyankivska

    Hello! My name is Alina Pyankivska. Im 15 years old. I live in Ukraine in Khmelnitsky .I study at school 10 in class 10-C.I like this school very much, it has great teachers and I have got many faithful friends there. They say that I am a sociable person. I also have a very friendly family. I have a mother, a father, a brother. My grandparents died when I wasnt born. My brother is married, so we have three people in our family: my mum, dad and me.
   I have been dancing since my early childhood. I also love different kind of sport such as tennis and volleyball. I really like this project, because it is a good chance to communicate with new people, learn our world and get to know many new things.

Artem Charnetskyi

    My name is Artem. Im from Khmelnitskiy. I live on Prybuzka street 91 flat. I adore computer games and my favorite school subjects are: Math, English, Geography, and History. My mothers name is Tania and she works as a shop assistant. She is 38 .I have my fathers parents, their names are Georgiy and Vera. Georgiy came from Kozyatyn and Vera came from Donezk. My mothers grandmother is 83.When the Second World War started she was 14 so she hadnt been taken out to Germany. I want to become a programmer.

Kate Petrushenko

    Hello! My name is Kate. I like jazz and pop music; I have small family. Mums name is Oksana, my older sister Ira, she is a student .My father died 6 years ago. My grandmothers name is Franya, grandfather is Petro.I like cooking, reading and listening to music. Im in the 10 form.

Vasilishin Dima

    Hello, I am Vasilishin Dima. Im 15. I am interested in chess, boxing, football, science fiction and history. I have got a family: mother, father, brother, grandparents. My two granddads were soldiers in the Second World War. One of them was hurt and the soviet hospital didnt take him. Then he died.

Vitaliy Shichenko

    Hi! My name is Vitaliy. Im 15 years old. I was born in Khmelnitsky and lived there too, but 5 years ago I moved to Mukachevo. I like to play computer games (strategy).My parents names are Vasiliy and Svitlana. Also I have a grandmother, -Anatoliy, a grandmother ,- Valentina and a grandmother Ekaterina. My grandmother Ekaterina take part in Second Worls War .I studyng in the tense form,school 10.Every summer I visit my family in Mukachevo. I like this town because in is not like Khmelnitsky. There is different cultury , different people and different mentality. Three years ago I have started to study the theme:Ostarbaiters and these days I am research everywhere any materials about them and I have found some interesting materials about them.

Kate Sendel

    Hello, my name is Kate. I am 15 years old.I am interested in sport, especially football. I like taking photos and I am interested in watching films. My mums name is Natasha, my fathers name is Anatoliy. My mums parents names are Lilya and Shurik, my dads name parents names are Luba and Alik. My grandfather is Shurik, his mum is Nina. She is 87 years old.She took part in the Second World War (1941-1943).And I have an elder brother. His name is Dima. is 22 years old. works as a barman.

Alina Bugaichuk

    My name is Alina. I'm 16 years old.
   I live in Khmelnitsky . I study at school 10. I am a pupil of the 10-th form.
    I like to listen music and travel. I like to go to discos with friends. I like animals.
    I have a small family.
    My mum's name is Oksana and my father's name is Andrey. I hope we'll meet soon.

Vadim Kudryk

    Hello! I am Kudrik Vadim. I have a big family: a mum a dad a sister a brother. My dads name is Volodya, he works as a fire fighter. My mums name is Olga she works in the shop. My brothers name is Sasha, he is a footballer. My sisters name is Inna , she works at university. I have a grandmothers mum name is Nina.I am interested in football, volleyball and swimming. I study in the tense form.I hateboring films and music. My granddad was a soldier in the Second World War and he was killed.

Oleg Gura

    Hello, my name is Oleg. I am 15 years old. I am in 10th form. I like sport and music. I go in for swimming 8 years and I have some achievements in this sport. I have a big family. My mums name is Yaroslava and my fathers name is Yura. My mums mum is Valia and my mums father is Petia. My granddad was hurt and died. I have in elder brother, Igor. M is 21 years old and now he is a military officer.

Olena Cherniyuk

    It is a bit difficult to speak about myself, because I have got too much to tell you about my life: about my friends and parents, hobbies and interests, plans and hopes.
   First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Olena Cherniyuk. I was born on the fourth of March in 1995, so I am 16 now. My parents are smart, talented and successful people. I love and respect them greatly, and want them to be proud of me. They have taught me a lot of things. The most important one is that if I want to get a break I should work hard. I am happy to have a friendly family where we understand each other and come to help without any extra word.
   As for me, I am funny, smart, kind, energetic and I am always ready to help. I have a good sense of humour. I take an active part in social life, attend sport sections and subject clubs. I do not have much free time but when I have, I like to spend it in a good company with my friends. My friends and I like to listen to good music, dance, watch new films and discuss them and do many other interesting things. I often go to the cinema , cafes, concerts and shows. In the evening I like to read, listen to the music or play chess with my father.
   I am happy to have nice friends and a good family.

Julia Fedoruk

    Dear friends,
   First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Julia Fedoruk. I am 16 years old. I study at school 10. I am a pupil of the 10-th form.
   I am an outgoing person. I think I took after my mother. My parents are friendly and hospitable. Daddy is thirty-eight and Mum is thirty-eight too. My grandmother lives in another country. I am very mourning for her. I have many relatives aunts, uncles, cousins. Recently, my cousin Karinka has appeared in our family. I love this baby very much.
   I like to go to discos and parties with my friends. Certainly we talk a lot about our life and some problems. Sometimes I like to stay at home alone, especially when I need some relaxation. Then I listen to music, watch TV or read books.
   I dont go in for sport regularly. But I like to play different games such as football, volleyball and baseball. Last summer I went to the Baseball camp with Americans. I study at the English club Nova Mova and teachers set up this camp. This game causes a lot of emotions, especially if you play it for the first time.
   I like to travel. I like to listen to the legends about ancient places. My teacher, my classmates and I were travelled through the whole Ukraine. And in the spring holiday we were in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, your motherland.
   I am a dynamic person. I like to take part in social life. And I am a deputy mayor in my school. Also I like autumn, yellow leaves, the smell of autumn. I like animals especially kittens and puppies.
I am looking forword to your answer. Because I hope that we have some interesting facts and we will speak with you at different topics.

Victoria Kovalchuk

    Dear friends,
   I am very glad to have the opportunity to write for you. Let me say a few words about myself. My name is Vika. I am sixteen years old. I live and study in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. I am a student of the 10-B form, school 10.
   I like many things. I like watching interesting and perceptional films, also I like to collect different beautiful staff and I like travelling, learning something new and interesting.
   I dont have a million of friends, but I know that I can trust my real friends. We always speak about school, about our problems and we help each other.
   What can I tell you about my city? Khmelnytskyi is a very beautiful city. Maybe, it isnt very popular, but it is my native city. I was born in this town and grow up there. All my family and relatives live here.
I have a great family. My mother, Nataliya, is a housewife, she educates my little brother at home. I try to help her with house routine and with my brother. My father, Ihor, is a businessman.
   My family and I enjoy going to the picnic at weekends together. Its so cool when you and youre nearest people not only live together, but spend a good time outdoors.

Tanya Loza

    My name is Tanya. My family is big and friendly: my mum-Svetlana, my dad Gennady , me grandmothers Ann and Valentine ,my grandfathers Vladimir. My great-grandfather , Volodymir , took part in the Second World War. Mis educatation gave him a chance to survive. He had been at the war for nearly 4 months. Frederik Begbeder its my favourite writer .he writes about what is important for me pats why he is very understable for me. Scientific work is one of the most important things in my life. I am interested in films and law my free time I spend with my friend , Kate , and she takes part in this project too. I want to find some new friends. This theme is close to me, because its our history and I want to know it.

Alexander Storozhuk

    Hello! My name is Sasha. Im 14 years old. Now I want to say you a few words about my interests and myself. Im studding in 9-th form, school #10. I like listen to music, read books, speak and walk with friends I want to be a programmer, so I got two web sites and one program for learning English words. Also I like traveling, and last year I was in Austria and Hungary. My class always gets out and about Ukraine. My family and I have a rest at the seaside every year. I think, Im responsible, persistent and most of time patient.

Eduard Chaykovskiy

    My name is Eduard Chaykovskiy . I'm 16 years old .I was born and live in the city of Khmelnitsky. I live with my parents and younger sister. I go to school number 10, Im a student of 10 - B class. My favorite subjects are Geography, English and Physical education. I like sport. Namely, football and rugby. Usually take part in local competitions in athletics for the native school. Also I am involved in academic competitions. My hobby is traveling. For several years I have visited many European countries, such as: France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and others. Soon Im going to the U.S.A



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